Types of Braces

Several types of braces can be used to reposition teeth. Patients can choose from ceramic brackets, stainless steel brackets or lingual braces.(fitted on the inside of the upper teeth.) 

Invisalign Braces

The Invisalign braces can actually be removed and are fairly invisible which makes them a viable option for adults, however this is not a great option for children, especially those with a habit of losing and breaking things.


Stainless steel (silver braces)

Silver braces are the most common braces . They are usually the cheaper option, and popular with children because they can choose different colours.


Ceramic (clear braces)

Ceramic braces function in the same way as silver braces, but cosmetically they are more appealing.


Lingual braces (inside of top teeth)

Brackets are placed on the inside of the upper teeth and therefore cannot be seen from the outside. We don't favour them on the lower teeth as there is too much interference with speech and eating! During the first few weeks there may be slight irritation of the tongue and the speech may be affected, but eventually the patient gets used to them.



You will usually be required to wear elastics during your orthodontic treatment. Elastics help move the teeth and MUST be worn exactly as directed.