Lingual braces (inside of teeth)

Lingual Braces

lingual-bracesIf you are self-conscious and aware of how you look, then having orthodontic treatment might scare you a little. There is very little that one can do to hide the appearance of their braces, unless you choose Lingual braces that is. This orthodontic treatment option is becoming vastly popular, especially among adults and teenagers – and for good reason.

We live in a world where society dictates how we should look, and if you want to ensure that you look great, even while wearing braces, we will do what we can to assist. We understand that you want to have that perfect smile and in the past that was only possible if you first went through those embarrassing stages of orthodontics. These days each and every orthodontic patient has the opportunity to have the best of both worlds, and this is made possible by Lingual braces.

These types of braces fit behind the actual teeth; which means that you cannot see them during the treatment. In the beginning stages you might feel a higher level of discomfort and you may need to learn to form your words around the device, but in terms of aesthetic appeal, these braces are ideal!

Lingual systems are particularly a good system for adult patients who want to maintain a professional appeal while the perfect smile is being worked towards. It can also be the perfect option for teenagers who have low self-esteem or are already shy and self aware around others.

These types of braces are created specifically to fit your mouth and you will find the brackets are created smooth, flat and to be as comfortable as possible. While they may take some getting used to in the beginning, they will present minimal speech interference in general.

At Str8 Teeth our in-house orthodontist, Dr Mark Jackson, will ensure that you are advised on the various options available to you and will present you with a range of treatment options for you to choose from. Remember that each patient has a different case and this is what will dictate the type of treatment carried out, and the type of teeth straightening device to be used.

Whether you are interested in lingual braces, ceramic braces or traditional metal braces, our team at Str8 Teeth will ensure that your treatment goes smoothly and that ultimately you are provided with a reason to smile – your smile itself! 

Brackets are placed on the inside of the upper teeth and therefore cannot be seen from the outside. We don't favour them on the lower teeth as there is too much interference with speech and eating! During the first few weeks there may be slight irritation of the tongue and the speech may be affected, but eventually the patient gets used to them.