Dental Emergencies

Orthodontic Emergencies

In the orthodontic world, an emergency is very unlike other medical emergencies. In most cases you will find that if something goes wrong, such as damage to the braces or you start to experience discomfort, you have some time to work with, before the situation becomes really serious.

Of course at Str8 Teeth we want nothing more than for your orthodontic experience to be one that is pleasant, as swift as possible and as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately when it comes to having braces, comfort is not high on the list of things that you will experience, but you will find that our in-house Orthodontist, Dr Mark Jackson, will do everything possible to ensure that your unexpected discomforts are tended to professionally, gently and as soon as humanly possible. 

Below are a few situations where you might have to come in for an unscheduled visit: 


Broken and/or loose braces – luckily each brace is attached to the wire which means that if it breaks or becomes loose, it can't really go anywhere. This means it will be safe until you are able to make an appointment to see us.

Loose bands – these are usually cemented around the back tooth and can sometimes come loose. To avoid bacteria and saliva causing decalcification of your tooth, make sure that you make an appointment to see us so that we can re-cement the tooth.

Poking wires – wires will be used especially during the early stages of your orthodontic treatment. The wire is bent in such a way that it will lengthen as your teeth become straighter. The lengthened wire protrudes out of the molar band and can sometimes poke you in the gum or the back of the cheek. You can use orthodontic wax to take care of the discomfort, or you can make an appointment so that we snip the extra length away and make things more comfortable for you.

Traumatic / impact injury – you might be playing sport or just be involved in some rough games which end up with you being hit in the face or similar. If the braces are embedded in the soft tissue, this can certainly be considered as an injury and appointment to see us must be made as soon as possible.

Lost or broken retainer – a retainer is vitally important after your orthodontic treatment. You should be wearing yours on a daily basis to ensure that your teeth do not move after your braces have been removed. If yours is broken, make sure that you let us know so that we can make a new one for you immediately.

Mouth sores and ulcers – these are a common problem during orthodontic treatment. Make sure that you keep your mouth clean with mouth wash and other similar solutions. If the discomfort from rubbing becomes too painful, make an appointment to see us so that we can go over how to apply and make regular use of the orthodontic wax with you.