Ceramic Orthodontic Braces

Ceramic Braces

ceramic-bracesCeramic braces, also known as clear braces are the choice of many, especially teens and adults. These braces are almost invisible braces and are the treatment option of choice for those who want to complete their orthodontic treatment, looking and feeling good about themselves. 

Many people are worried about the aesthetic appeal of their choice of braces and while often you cannot completely hide the fact that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, you can lessen the obvious appearance thereof.

The main difference between ceramic orthodontic braces and traditional braces are the brackets that your orthodontist will affix to your teeth. In the case of ceramic braces, clear or natural tooth coloured brackets are used which make the entire system a lot less conspicuous than typical metal braces do. In both types of treatments, the wire is still present and visible.

Ceramic braces are exactly the same as traditional metal braces in every other way and you can expect for your treatment to last the same amount of time, regardless of which type you choose. Clear braces may however be slightly more expensive with each bracket costing a little more than the metal variety.

Below are some reasons why ceramic orthodontic braces are a popular choice: 

  • The ceramic braces are stain-resistant which means that they won't discolour over time. This is good news for those who smoke or drink a lot of black coffee and so on /li>
    • The composite material of the ceramic braces will irritate gums slightly less than traditional braces 
    • The ceramic brackets are just as strong as traditional metal ones. Many have been under the misconception that they are not, but the composite material used is strong enough to handle the load 
    • Some orthodontic treatments allow for tooth coloured self-ligating brackets to be used, this means that the little elastic bands that can unfortunately stain during treatment, do not need to be used

    First impressions last and often the first thing someone will notice about you is your smile. At Str8 Teeth our in-house orthodontist, Dr Mark Jackson will ensure that you are presented with a variety of options to choose from that will meet with your treatment needs and ensure that you are kept comfortable and happy throughout the course of your treatment. Whether you choose ceramic braces, lingual braces or traditional braces at Str8 Teeth, you can expect to soon have something to grin about – beautifully straight teeth.

    braces function in the same way as silver braces, but cosmetically they are more appealing.