Banding Appointment

Making a Branding Appointment 

You will have heard all sorts of horror stories about this ....... CHILL OUT! there are no injections no blood no pain ... in fact it is all quite boring.

We sometimes put separating elastics between the teeth a few days before the banding appointment - not always necessary. This is a bit like having a piece of meat stuck between the teeth - uncomfortable but not much more.

We use a plastic retractor to pull the cheeks out of the way and this keeps everything dry while we are working. The teeth are painted with “glue” and the brackets are stuck to the surface - no drills or other horrors here!

Once everything is in position, the wires are fitted through the brackets an we say goodbye until the next visit (usually 6-8 weeks).

These braces will rub against the cheeks and lips for the first few days - (use wax sparingly) -  but very soon you will be back to normal!

Remember soft food, lots of brushing and just be sensible!